Love My Disability Tinder

My most recent publication on dating with a disability and never giving up.


5 thoughts on “Love My Disability Tinder

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever commented before, but wow – thank you. I met this guy on Tinder who seemed perfect – he was cute, had similar interests to me (has anyone else ever talked about equine and bovine genetic diseases on Tinder before?), didn’t just want a hookup (not what I’m looking for), etc. We messaged a ton and really hit it off.
    Then after a couple weeks I mentioned that I live with fibromyalgia. Immediately I got a message, “hey you’re a really nice girl but I’ve decided that I’m just really not ready for a relationship at the moment and didn’t want to lead you on. It was nice talking.” And then he ditched me.
    For someone who I never actually met, I was pretty devastated. I’ve sworn off Tinder – and any other online dating – since then. It’s too painful. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling horrible – like my disability is a burden and a drag on other people. Who would want to be with me, anyway?

  2. Oops that wasn’t supposed to post yet! Anyway, this gave me hope. I’m not sure I’ll go back to Tinder, but I’m glad you found this man, and it was comforting to know that I’m not the only one who has gone through this. So thank you 😊

      1. It’s okay. Life goes on. We’re still friends, and that’s one more friend than I had before, right? He just wasn’t ready for a relationship after just recently separating from his wife. He thought he was, but he wasn’t. He needs to figure out who he is without being wrapped up in a woman. Unfortunately, that leaves me right back where I started.

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